Live Event

Live Event
(3dstudioMax, Autocad) 

CS Building 3d Model
Viz Credits:
Voicu Popescu, Chun Jia, Amit Chourasia, Neil Meskauskis, Elicia Dadlow, Robert Wilkes
The objective of this project was to create a CG model of building from architectural drawings and present a real person inside it by real time chroma keying. This was a live event people could walk around inside the blue room and they were projected inside the virtual building. Amit was invited to lead the modelling group and create the CG model for the building, the exterior and interior shell was modelled by me and texture mapping and interior decoration was done by 3 students.
Project Features:
  • The exported geometry is rendered by in house code.
  • A real time chroma keyed billboard displays real people in the virtual model using in house code.
  • Virtual Walkthrough. The building was modeled using Autocad and 3dstudio max. Lighting and texturing done in 3dstudio Max.
Oct 2003

 Low Resolution Movie (5.4 mb )

High Resolution Movie (36 mb Quicktime)

The clips are realtime screen capture.