Mentions in Media

Incomplete compilation of media spotlight

The Internet 

• Concept Visualizations for Geodynamo Simulations. SDSC innovators. (Aug, 2015) See page 6

• Rearranging the Scientific Web: SeedMe Resource Aims to Change How Researchers Share Data. (May 14, 2015) Article - See Page 4-5

• NSF & SDSC: SDSC Granted $1.3 Million Award for ‘’ Data Sharing Infrastructure.  (Oct 1, 2014) NSF-NewsSDSC-News

• (Feature):  San Diego Supercomputer Center “Seeds” HPC Clouds. (2014-06-09)

• SDSC & UCSD: SDSC Awarded NSF Grant to Facilitate Sharing and Streaming of Scientific Visualizations. (2012-10-09) SDSC-News,UCSD-News

• NSF: Advanced Computing Infrastructure: Vision and Strategic Plan: Report features M8 image. (2012-02-01)

• iSGTW: Riding that wave (2011-12-07) Front Page

• Wired: 10 Award-Winning Scientific Simulation Videos (2011-08-08)

• Play The Past: Documentary Evidence and Playable Space in Drama in the Delta (2011-07-26)
Play The Past

• SciDAC, UCSD, SDSC: Peoples’ Choice OASCR Award: Ground Motion Visualization of M8 Earthquake Simulation Using Height Field (2011-7-12)

• Pacific Citizen: Building Empathy for WWII Incarceration, One Game Level at a Time (2011-7-1)
Pacific Citzen

• The Chronicle for Higher Education: Researchers’ Video Game Puts Players in Japanese Internment Camps (2011-6-8)
The Chronicle for Higher Education

• SDSC & UCSD :SDSC Researchers Co-author, Co-edit New Book on Geoinformatics (2011-05-25)

• UCSD & UCSD Alumni Magazine: Press 'Play' to Learn: Free video game recreates U.S. internment camps (2011-Mar-14)
UCSD Alumni MagazineUCSD-News

• Science Magazine & NSF: Honorable Mention in International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010 (2011-Feb-18)

• Office of Science, US-DOE: Models expose California earthquake vulnerabilities (2010-Dec-16)

• SDSC Leads Supercomputing Efforts in Creating Largest-Ever Earthquake Simulation (2010-Aug-19)

• NCSA: Preparing for the big one (2010-Apr-21)

• Los Angeles Times: Tuesday's Los Angeles-area earthquake occurred on a fault 'that could eat L.A.' (2010-Mar-17)
LA TimesSnapshot

• Very Short List: Best Science Videos of 2009 Front Page (2009-Oct-12)

• International Science Grid This Week: Video of the Week - Earthquake simulation wins SciDAC award. (2009-Sep-02) Front Page
iSGTWSnapshot FrontSnapshot

• Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009 (2009-Aug-20)

• NSF: Shift in Simulation Superiority (2009-Apr-30)

• Live Science: Scary Scenario: Devastating Earthquake Visualized (2009-Apr) Front Page
Live Science

• US News, NICS: Let's Get Ready to Rumble (2009-Apr-06) Front Page
US NewsNICS-news

• UCSD, SDSC: First 3-D Image of a Genome (2008-Apr-18)

• Supercomputing Online, HPC Wire, Grid Today, National HPCC Software Exchange: Feature - Turbulent Times (2008-Mar-12)
Supercomputing OnlineNHSE

• IEEE Computer Graphics and ApplicationVisual insights into high resolution earthquake simulations ( 2007-Jul-01) Highlight

• Slashdot, UCSD, SDSC, New Scientist, UCSD-Guardian, International Science Grid This Week, Supercompuing Online, ACM Crossroads:Earthshaking Images - San Diego Supercomputer Center Virtual Building Helps Engineers Explore Structure Performance. (2007-Apr-11)
Slashdot UCSD-news SDSC-news New Scientist UCSD-GuardianiSGTW Supercomputing Online snapshot-acm 

• International Science Grid This Week: Image of the week (2007-Apr-11) Front Page

• International Science Grid This Week: Feature - Making the Earth Move (2007-Feb-21) Front Page
iSGTW , Snapshot 

• SDSC: TeraShake - Unleashing a Virtual Earthquake (2006-Dec-01)
SDSC , Snapshot 

• SDSC: Exploring the Details of Turbulence (2006-Dec-01)
SDSC , Snapshot 

• SDSC: Recreating the Early Universe (2006-Dec-01)
SDSC , Snapshot 

• Science Grid This Week: Image of the week (2006-Feb-08) Front Page
iSGTW , Snapshot

• IEEE 2006 Vis Contest Contest Topic Suggestion (2006-Feb-08)

• HPC Wire: NCSA/SDSC Visualizations to be Shown at SIGGRAPH, DomeFest (2005-Jun-10)
HPCwire , SDSC , Snapshot 

• NSF: $150 Million TeraGrid Award Heralds New Era for Scientific Computing (2005-Aug-05)

• HPC Wire: TeraShake - SDSC SIMULATES THE 'BIG ONE' (2004-Dec-17)


Interviews, Newspaper, Press Conference and Magazine 

• Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) 2012 Brochure features M8 visualization (2012)

• Hyphen-Magazine : Playing with History article featues the Drama in the Delta project. (2011)
Hyphen-Magazine (2011 Issue 24)

• Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) 2011 Brochure features GlyphSea (2011)

• FABRICATORS Interview: (2009-Aug-04)
• China Press: TeraShake article and images featured (2007-Aug-02)

• New Scientist: Disaster machines: Simulating nature's fury (2007-Sep-1) (Magazine issue 2619)

• The Desert Sun: 'Big One' would be 2-minute temblor (2007-Aug-03)

• Latin American Journalists Visit to SDSC: Predicting the Impact of the “Big One” in Southern California: TeraShake (2007-Jul-11)
Presentation Slides 

• Natural History Magazine: Highlights earthquake animations (2006-Oct-01)

• 100th Aniversary Earthquake Conference Commemorating The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (2006-Apr-17)
1906 Eqconf , Snapshot



• AT&T Tech Channel: Spotlight (2007-Aug-31)

• National Geographic Channel: LA's Future Quake (2006-Sep-06)
SDSC-news , Snapshot 

• History Channel: LA's Killer Quake (2006-Sep-06)