MEL(Maya Embeded Language)
Credit: Amit Chourasia
AntiBaker is created to ease and automate workflow for repetitive tasks. Specifically to reuse/share work. AntiBaker saves the configured info to external files which can be passed to different artists and re-used.

Publication - Villani, A. Nicolleta., Chourasia, A.,Cory, A. Clark. (2004).Production interface for web-deliverable realistic interactive 3D facial animation. The 12-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2004, Plzen, Czech Republic

Jan 2005 More Info
Facial Expression Editor MEL(Maya Embeded Language) For joint based characters A script to create facial expressions by transforming joints.
  1. All joints can be controlled by sliders or numeric input.
  2. Creates presets which are written to an external file as arrays.They can be passed to other artists for use
  3. Creates Morphs - single/multiple target morphing written to external file
  4. Key framing
  5. Other standard stuff like delete static channels, export to shockwave, undo,redo, select all, deselect, etc. Most of the stuff can be done from the GUI you dont have to switch to maya interface.


User Interface
Select chin joint

Move chin downwards by using sliders

  Controlling morphs through sliders

  Controlling morphs through sliders
Oct 2003
This script was written as a Voluntary effort to help this group Sign Language Mathematics by 3D Computer Animation
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A generalized implementation for maya available here