ShakeOut Earthquake simulations

Shakeout Earthquake Simualtions

 Visualization Credits: Amit Chourasia, SDSC
 Data Credits:Kim Olsen et. al and Southern California Earthquake Center
Tools: Vista, TEEM, Maya
Very large earthquake simulations on a domain of 6000x3000x800 mesh points.
"The Big One" movie awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Visualization at the 2009 SciDAC conference.
The movie was also be featured at SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival.

Publication: K. B. Olsen, S. M. Day, L. Dalguer, J. Mayhew, Y. Cui, J. Zhu, V.M. Cruz-Atienza, D. Roten, P. Maechling, T.H. Jordan, and A. Chourasia (2009), ShakeOut-D: Ground Motion Estimates Using an Ensemble of Large Earthquakes on the Southern San Andreas Fault With Spontaneous Rupture Propagation, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L04303

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Movie: The Big One