TeraShake 1 & 2 Earthquake Simulations

TeraShake 1 & 2

Viz Credits: Amit Chourasia, Steve Cutchin
Data Credits: Kim Olsen el. al. SCEC
Tools: Maya, Vista Volume Renderer
TeraShake 1 & 2 models earth shaking that could rattle Simulations Southern California if a 230 kilometer section of the San Andreas fault ruptured producing a magnitude 7.7 earthquake. The simulation consists of 7 different simulations, 4 in phase one and 3 in phase two yielding a total of 160 TB of data. We have done visualization of portions of this data with a variety of methods for scientific investigation and dissemination. There are over 130,000 images and more than 50 unique movies created in this project.

Publication - Chourasia, A., Cutchin, S. M., Olsen, K.B., Minster, B., Day, S., Cui, Y., Maechling, P., Moore, R., Jordan, T. (2007)
Visual insights into high-resolution earthquake simulations, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications (Discovering the Unexpected) Sept-Oct 2007
Publication - Cui, Y., Moore, R., Olsen, K., Chourasia, A., Maechling, P., Minster. B., Day, S., Hu, Y., Zhu, J., Majumdar, A., Jordan, T. (2007) Enabling very-large scale earthquake simulations on parallel machines "Advancing Science and Society through Computation", International Conference on Computational Science 2007, Part I, Lecture Notes in Computer Science series 4487, pp. 46-53, Springer
Publication - Olsen, K. B., S. M. Day, J. B. Minster, Y. Cui, A. Chourasia, M. Faerman, R. Moore, P. Maechling, and T. Jordan (2006), Strong shaking in Los Angeles expected from southern San Andreas earthquake, Geophys. Res. Lett., 33, L07305, doi:10.1029/2005GL025472. The manuscript was published as highlight with cover image on the issue of GRL.
Publication - Olsen K. B. , S. M. Day, J. B. Minster, Y. Cui, A. Chourasia, D. Okaya, P. Maechling, T. Jordan (2008), TeraShake2: Simulation of Mw7.7 earthquakes on the southern San Andreas fault with spontaneous rupture description, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. (Accepted)
Book Chapter -Cui Y., A. Chourasia, R. Moore, K. B. Olsen, P. Maechling and T. Jordan, The TeraShake Computational Platform for Large-Scale Earthquake Simulations, Springer e-book series. (accepted)

• TeraShake wins best visualization award at TeraGrid 08
• An animation was featured at the IEEE Vis 2006 Scientific Animation Theatre in Baltimore
• An animation was featured on National Geographic's documentary on earthquakes in Sept 2006.


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TeraShake 2.3
This images shows how the computation was divided among 240 processors in relation to the region. Each yellowish and greenish box represents a processor computing the volume bounded by it.
May 2006
Movie (4 mb)

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 TeraShake 2.2   Feb 2006
Movie (3 mb)

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TeraShake 2.1   Nov 2005

Movie (65 mb)
Movie (27 mb)
Movie (3 mb)

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TeraShake 1.4   Jun 2005
Movie (22 mb)

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TeraShake 1.3   Feb 2005
Movie (30 mb)
Movie (11 mb)

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TeraShake 1.2   Nov 2004
Movie (30 mb)

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TeraShake 1.1   Sep 2004
Movie (235 mb)
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