PolyVtxCoords : Sometimes there is a need to see the vertex number and the actual coordinates of vertices . Doing so, using the Channel Editor or Attribute Editor could be cumbersome. The PolyVtxCoords mel utility addresses this issue by providing a simple user interface to display the vertex number and coordinate of the selected polygon vertices (See figure below). The scripts supports keyboard shortcuts to quickly see the coordinates of consecutive vertices by using arrow keys in addition to point and click selection. The vertex coordinate info is also shown in the script editor and the coordinates of the first selected vertex is displayed on the Maya's command feedback line.

Download : PolyVtxCoords.mel (7kb) (right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" ) Updated: Feb 6th 2006

Limitations : Works only for polygon objects.

Notes : A scriptjob is created which auto reloads the vertex list and displays their coordinates in UI when selection changes. The scriptjob will persist if not killed through the interface untill maya is closed and started again.

PolyVtxCoords Screenshot
(Roll over buttons for tool tips)