Seismic Viz Portal

Seismic Vis Portal
(Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, Teem, Image Magik)

Credits: Amit Chourasia, Alex Decastro, Steve Cutchin, Natlie Rubin, Lucas Gilbert
Earthquake simulations produce vast amount of data. Much of the analysis is tied to what happens on the ground surface. To facilitate this investigation a rich geo-context is a must. Unfortunately, large amount of archived data from simulation is not seamlessly available to scientists. Virtual globes are becoming increasingly rich in contextual information and could be coupled with simulation data to provide this environment to scientists. We demonstrate such a system which integrates over 10 TB of earthquake simulation data and creates a variety of visualization products that integrates with virtual globes. This application web portal provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for scientific investigation, collaboration and dissemination of data.

Aug 2005