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Technology leader with expertise in complex software development, visualization, and high performance computing. Strong experience in coordination of research activities, research communication and dissemination, grant proposal preparation, project management, budgeting, hiring and mentoring .


Master of Science: Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayete, IN, 2003
Bachelor of Architecture (Hons): Architecture, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 2001


  2015 - Present Visualization Group Lead - San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD
  2009 - Present Sr. Visualization Scientist - San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD
  2003 - 2009 Visualization Scientist - San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD
    Lead Visualization Services group at SDSC. Deliver visualization solutions through research, design, development and leveraging of existing software tools and techniques on a wide array of problems. Extensive work in using Maya for scientific visualizations.


Cloud: Direct development of SeedMe a platform to share visual content ubiquitously

Application: Directed development of an GlyphSea application to interactively visualize vector data using glyphs driven by GPU shaders.


Data Centric Transfer Functions: Developed Algorithm for creating volumetric transfer functions.

Maya Utilities: Implemented PDC library for reading writing Maya particle system using C and C++; Camera export and import utility with Vista volume renderer using MEL. See additional Maya tools on the website.

Seismic Portal: Create maps and google earth layers from seismic simulation data on demand (defunct).

Vista Volume Renderer: Extension and maintenance using C and C++ (url).


Seismic Visualization: Wall2Wall, ShakeOut, TeraShake, Puente Hills, 1906 San Francisco Quake, Seven Story Shake Table Experiment

Universe Visualization:Tiger Simulation, ENZO simulations 1, ENZO simulations 2, BAO

Climate Visualization: Columbia River Flow

Computational Fluid Dynamics Visualization: Turbulence, Volcano eruption simulations (View additional work at

  2003 - present

Independent Projects


Interactive Visualization of Health Care Costs using d3js

Parser for protein structure (PDB files) in Perl.

Translator to write native Maya Scene files for 3d protein structure (PDB files) with polygon, nurbs and particle instancing using Perl. Repository of native maya models is freely available at UI for manipulating protein structure in Maya using MEL

Created website with over 55,000 pages with images and other downloadable content using Drupal content management system.

Custom workflow Antibaker a facial manipulation automation workflow tool for joint based models in Maya using MEL

  2003 - 2003 Researcher and Systems Administrator, Purdue University

Research in Information visualization and emerging technologies;

Administer Envision Lab

911 Pentagon Crash Project



Programming: Working knowledge of C/C++, Basic Opengl, Expert Maya-MEL, 3ds Max Script , perl, *nix shells  

Graphics Softwares: Maya, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premier, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max & AVS  

Web Development: LAMP Stack (configuration and installation from scratch), Drupal (intermediate), ASP (used in the past), HTML, PHP (used occasionally)



• Best Visualization Display award at TeraGrid 2011 & 2008

• Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Visualization award at the SciDAC 2011 & 2009 conference

• Honorable Mention, International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010. (Finalist 2006 & 2005)

• Finalist, ACM Gordon Bell Award at 2010 Supercomputing Conference.

• Winner, Interactive Software Design (prototype), IDEON - IIT Kharagpur (2000)



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See more talks here

• SeedMe Project, Ultrascale Visualization Workshop, New Orleans, LA, Nov 16, 2014

• "Visual Analysis", Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Labs, Argonne, Illinois, May, 2010

• "Scientific Visualization", National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado, May, 2009

• "Challenges in Visualizing Large Earthquake Simulations", Ultrascale Visualization Workshop, Supercomputing Conference, Nov, 2007



   See more press coverage here

• "GlyphSea" featured at SIGGRAPH 2010: Live Real Time Demos, SciDAC 2010 and TeraGrid 2010.

• "The Big One" featured at SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival, SciDAC 2009 and also at

• "Digital Re-creation of a Seven Story Building Shake during an Earthquake" featured at IEEE Vis 2007 Scientific Animation Theatre, Sacramento, Nov 2007

• "Exploring an earthquake" featured at IEEE Vis 2006 Scientific Animation Theatre, Baltimore, Nov 2006

• "Recreation of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake" featured at the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference, San Francisco, Apr 2006

• "LA's Future Quake" show from National Geographic featured TeraShake and Puente Hills visualizations, Sep 2006

• "LA's Killer Quake" show from History Channel featured Puente Hills visualizations

• "Evolution of Universe" visualization featured at the Siggraph Dome Show, Los Angeles, Aug 2005



See full publication list here 

A. Chourasia, M. Wong, D. Mishin, D. Nadeau and M. Norman (2016). SeedMe: A scientific data sharing and collaboration platform, in XSEDE 2016, (Miami, FL, 2016). DOI:

A. Chourasia, E. Mcquinn, J.B. Minster, and J.P. Schulze (2010). Visualization Challenge 2010: Non Interactive Media, Science 18 February 2011: Vol. 331 no. 6019 pp. 854-856, DOI= 10.1126/science.331.6019.854 (Honorable Mention)

• Y. Cui, K. Olsen, T. Jordan, K. Lee, J. Zhou, P. Small, G. Ely, D. Roten, D. Panda, A. Chourasia, J. Levesque, S. Day and P. Maechling (2010). Scalable Earthquake Simulation on Petascale Supercomputers. In Proceedings of the 2010 ACM/IEEE International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC '10). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 1-20. (ACM Gordon Bell Finalist)

A. Chourasia, S. Cutchin and B. Aagaard (2008). Visualizing the Ground Motions of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Computers & Geosciences. vol 34. pp. 1798-1805. December 2008. Elsevier, doi: 10.1016/j.cageo.2008.01.012, PDF.

A. Chourasia, S. Cutchin, K. Olsen, B. Minster, S. Day, Y. Cui, P. Maechling, R. Moore and T. Jordan (2007). Visual Insights into High-Resolution Earthquake Simulations. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Discovering the Unexpected), vol. 27, no. 5, pp. 28-34. PDF

A. Chourasia and J. Schulze (2007). Data Centric Transfer Functions for High Dynamic Range Volume Data. Proceedings of the 15-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, pp. 9-16. PDF

A. Chourasia (2007). Digital Recreation of a Seven Story Building Shake during an Earthquake. ACM Crossroads (Computer Graphics), vol.13, no.3, pp. 6-8. PDF



PI: Ubiquitous Access to Transient Data and Preliminary Results via the SeedMe Platform (NSF ACI-1443083, $1,329,379, 2014-2017)

PI: SEED: Swiftly Encode Explore Disseminate (NSF ACI-1235505, $809,956, 2012-2015)

Senior Personnel: On several research grants



  Instructor Data Visualization, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD 2016 - Present
  Instructor Introduction to 3D Modeling (Maya), UCSD Extension 2006 - 2007
  Instructor Computer Graphics workshop, Purdue University 2002 - 2003
  Instructor Graphics for Civil Engg and Construction, Purdue University 2001 - 2003