Sept. 11 tragedy at Pentagon

Sept. 11 tragedy at Pentagon siteadmin Tue, 01/02/2007 - 18:11
Scientific Visualization of Sept. 11 tragedy at Pentagon (3dstudio Max, 3dsMax script, Autocad)

Viz Credits: Voicu Popescu, Chris Hoffman Hendri Lim, Chun Jia, Amit Chourasia
My role was to write 3dMax Script to import simulated data into 3dStudioMax. The data was huge list of nodes and their connectivity information and several files at different time steps. The script read the files automatically and created the animated geometry. 3Dstudio Max choked out with the amount of data and the issue was resolved using isosurface models of data. The building was modeled using Autocad and 3dStudio Max. Aug 2002 Visit Reseach Website